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Smartbel delivers when you're not at home!


The BBC published an article last week called the Parcel Conundrum.




What do you do when the postman calls with a package and you're not there? It may be fine leaving it with a neighbour occasionally, but after the 5th time, their generosity will start to wear off. And should the neighbour be away, or sign the delivery form Mickey Mouse and go on to keep your new iPhone, there's not a lot you can do.


Commtel has a great solution to this. Their new Smartbel.


Where anyone rings your doorbell, the product rings your mobile and you can speak to them. You can give instructions, however complex...."open the side gate, go round to the shed and put it behind the back, I'm just busy at the moment". Or just say "oh, it's the bailiffs? Can't really do today, can you come back in a few months?"


And should anyone try your door just to check whether anyone's home, you'll be aware of this, and they can think you're just in the bath.


The product's being launched at the moment (July 2012), so keep an eye on our site to see where it will be available!